Our commercial activities, which started with the purchase and sale of Carpet, Rug and Old Textile products in the Grand Bazaar in 1990, then continue in different dimensions with the production of hand-woven textile products. We have an ergonomic product group consisting of ikat, velvet and embroidered suzanis that can be used in textile products we manufacture in decoration, furniture coating, clothing and many more.

All hand-dyed and woven ikat fabrics, velvet fabrics and suzani fabrics are featured products made with completely original techniques.

In addition to our products that bear traces of certain ethnic origins in the classical Central Asian style, and at the same time, we produce inspired by the Ottoman Empire, our activities continue with a wide range of modern products and improving the manufacturing process day by day. In addition to our head office in the Grand Bazaar, we serve in our second branch in Cağaloğl.



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